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At the gateway to Luxor and the horizon of the desert; the only palace on the west bank of the Nile, Al Moudira is just 4 kilometres away from the valley of Kings. The ochre domes, the patios ornate with arabesques and the eight-hectare garden will provide the setting for your oriental dream.

Deluxe Room at the Al Moudira Hotel in LuxorAl Moudira fits perfectly into the great tradition of Arabian palaces, and their perfect blend of pleasure and sophistication. The atmosphere of the Arabian nights will loom up as you step into one of the patios. The slightest detail contributes to this feeling. You will constantly fall under the charm of the furniture, discovered amongst the antiquities in the souk, or on the walls in the hotel rooms, hand painted by a Lebanese artist. Whilst strolling through the patios, you will discover the eastern spirit omnipresent in Al Moudira.

The rooms at Al Moudira create a vast area for relaxation and rest. Each one of them, over 50 sq metres, has a small lounge and an office area, enclosed by four-metre-high cellings. Each one of the 54 rooms is unique. Unique decoration, furniture and atmosphere. The hand-painted murals all represent an original theme inspired by Egyptian history and mythology. Many of them are ornate with engravings and paintings..

Deluxe Room
Deluxe room decoration and its furniture from second hand or antique shops in Middle Eastern souks. Marquetry desks, Persian carpets, Turkish sofas will surround you during your stay at Al Moudira hotel. You can also laze around in your canopy bed listening to the music of the garden and to the water splashing from the fountain. All the suites have air conditioning, telephone, satellite television and mini bar. The windows have mosquito nets and inner wooden shutters.

Junior SuiteJunior Suite
Kilims will be ideal reading place. The Middle Eastern furniture will impress on you the spirit of the East which pervades the hotel. And then, as you get tired, you will slide into the large canopy bed end you will fall asleep watching the hand painted frescoes covering the walls and cellings. All the suites have air conditioning, telephone, satellite television and mini bar. The windows have mosquito nets and inner wooden shutters.


Luxury SuiteLuxury Suite
The luxury suites all possess the charms and splendour of an Ottoman palace. A marble fountain surrounded by embroidered cushions seperates the room from the lounge, opening onto a private terrace, completely hidden behind a wooden moucharabieh. The hotel decoration is revealed once again in the rooms, with chandeliers and lights of glass and copper, antique carpets, small wrought iron couches, which have been collected throughout Egypt. A large canopy bed made in the Ottoman tradition will welcome your nights and a hammam style bathroom will welcome your awakenings.

Family SuiteFamily Suite

Spacious two connected bedrooms suitable for parents with small children. Master bedroom with king size bed, sitting area and full bath. Second bedroom with 2 twin beds and separate bathroom with shower.


In the morning, breakfast is served on a terrace flooded by the rays of the early morning sun, or in a room bathed by orange sunlight. Coffee, tea and fresh orange juice are served with eastern and European bread, home made jams from the garden fruits (for instance guava and mango), honey, cheese and eggs. For lunch you should enjoy the freshness of the water whilst having a light meal in the Pavilion, the restaurant located between the gardens and the swimming pool. And to end the day, the Chef prepares a different menu for every evening. The dishes are a product of his inspiration, mixing Mediterranean, Eastern and European flavours. You will enjoy this in the great dining room where the chandeliers and the Ottoman decoration will give a special feet to your dinner. Two bars welcome you to guide you through your Eastern nights from beginning to end.

In order to relax after a long day in Luxor you can enjoy the Al Moudira installations and facilities. Massages, Turkish bath, solarium and swimming pool are the ideal break between your active day and quiet evenings in Al Moudira.

Dining and Entertainment

The Great Room The Great Room
Dinner is served in the great dining room, with its brick domes and hanging crystal chandeliers, Ottoman style. You can enjoy dishes mixing Mediterranean and Eastern flavours, fruit of the chef's constantly changing inspiration.


Swimming Pool Pavilion
During the day, drinks and light snacks are offered round the pavilion of Al Moudira's swimming pool, shaded by immaculate sunshades. You can enjoy the swimming pool whilst having your snack of salads, pizzas, grills and mezzes.

Eastern Bar


Eastern Bar

The Eastern Bar
The eastern bar welcomes you in an Arabian Night atmosphere. Step into the Eastern dream. You will at first be surrounded by the sweet perfume of narghiles. Then, once comfortably seated, sipping mint tea, mysterious and bewitching voices will fill you ears. And as you turn your head, the slow procession of Egyptian dancers will hypnotise you for what's left of the night. And you will return night after night as in an Eastern Tale.

Features and Activities

Swimming Pool
The 200 sqm swimming pool is in the garden. Its columns and fountains help it integrate perfectly into the garden's greenery. In the pavilion, by the pool, there is a bar, changing rooms, a massage room and Turkish bath.
  Solarium Solarium
Enjoy the solarium by the swimming pool to relax. You will let the gentle breeze caress you as it plays with the hibiscus leaves and carries the perfumes of henna and jasmine. The solarium has sunshine all day long, and as it is close to the pavilion and to the pool, it is easy to get drinks or a snack there.
Turkish Bath
Turkish Bath
Wrapped in soft and perfumed steam, sandalwood and orange flowers, you will discover the charms of typically Eastern relaxation in one of Al Moudira's two turkish bath. Entirely lined in white marble, by the swimming pool, this place is an invitation to indolence.

Come and enjoy being taken care of by our expert masseurs. The massage room, by the swimming pool in eastern bath setting, is the ideal place to release the day's tension.

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