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Egypt, The very name makes us all think of the Pharaohs like Tutankhamun, the boy king whose treasures have excited the world since found in 1922. Like Ramses, the great warrior and leader, like Khufu (Snerfu), builder of the Great Pyramid and Akhenaten, who was the first to promote monotheism. The queens, Nefertari, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut and the most famous of all Cleopatra.

Travel Egypt offers tours to Egypt that combine history and culture in a way that makes ancient Egypt come alive and gives the traveler a sense of excitement like no where else. By limiting our Egypt tour group size to a maximum of 8 travelers these programs feature the close personal attention that has made Travel Egypt famous. AND most are guaranteed to operate even if there are only two travelers! Egypt tours today are easy, rewarding and safe.

From the moment you arrive in Egypt until you board your flight home you will be in our hands. With offices in every major city of Egypt and with all of our staff equipped with mobile telephones you never have to worry about being left to your own defenses.

Join us for the trip of a lifetime to Egypt, a destination that is like no other on Earth.

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